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UK Future Telecoms Review - my comments

By Dave Ashton

The UK Government has recently called for evidence, as part of its review of "options that could be pursued to deliver the Government’s objectives for the telecoms sector".

It invited responses to a number of question from all interested parties, including the public. These can be found in the link below. However, I decided not to follow the suggested script, and instead used this consultation as an opportunity to tell the Government what I believe to be some home truths about microwave-emitting wireless technologies, and to say where I believe some of the blame lies for the unfolding health crisis in which we all find ourselves.

I deliberately decided against adding numerous scientific references at the bottom of my response, and instead told it as I think it is. Looking at my written evidence afterwards, I realise that many things are missing (apart from one or two typos, which were unfortunately present!), but hopefully submissions from other people will plug the gaps that I left.

I don't know if any of these responses will be made public, so in case they aren't, I though I'd publish mine here (a
fter having fixed one or two typos first!).

Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review Call for Evidence

You sometimes hear it said - mainly by pious politicians - that the first job of any Government is to protect its citizens.

This is a laudable aim, but, concerning harmful microwave-emitting technologies such as cellular communications, wi-fi, and smart meters etc., the rhetoric sadly lags far behind the reality. Every person in this country is already exposed to layer upon layer of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation from a staggering array of sources, and the very last thing that any of us needs is yet more electrosmog, the harmful effects of which are abundantly clear to many of us, but not - tragically - to the Government, which is pressing full steam ahead with plans to remove the last remaining mobile "not spots", and to further pollute the environment with 5G radiation.

It wants our homes to be integrated with a "smart grid" and the "internet of things", via microwave emitting "smart meters". We must, all of us, be exposed to this Group 2B Possible Carcinogen 24 hours a day it seems. Except, possibly, some Government ministers; it would be interesting to know how many of these have had smart meters installed...

We must drive on "smart" roads, soon in internet-connected driverless cars, being wi-fried by the ubiquitous mobile phone masts and other radiation-emitting infrastructure that we pass by on our way, or else we must travel on planes, trains and buses, and be irradiated at point blank range by Wi-Fi routers.

Our shops, banks, restaurants and bars, places of leisure, public places, even national parks, must all be immersed in a perpetual fog of microwave radiation. How could it possibly be otherwise?

Similarly, our children must be exposed to Wi-Fi radiation in schools - an unbelievably reckless biological experiment, perpetrated on the innocent, by those whose irresponsibility defies words and comprehension. What would Orwell or Huxley have made of our current dystopian reality? Or what does France make of it, having recently banned toddlers under three from being exposed to Wi-Fi radiation in nurseries and public places, and having restricted the exposure of older children to Wi-Fi? This enlightened country also has a complete ban on mobile phones in schools coming into force later this year.

Even in the supposed places of healing - GP surgeries, hospitals, and other NHS premises - we must obviously be exposed to radiation from within (through wireless "health" wearables, implantables, Wi-Fi, and other microwave-emitting wireless technologies), as well as from without - as anybody who has glanced up at the festoons of mobile phone and Tetra antennas adorning many hospital roofs will know.

Our Government paternalistically assures us that the allowable radiation exposure levels in this country are well within established international norms, and are sanctioned by worthy organisations such as the (now defunct) Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR) and Public Health England (PHE), and based on the guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP), and the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The trouble is, as has been well documented, all of these apparently worthy bodies are actually rotten to the core, riven with conflicts of interest that should exclude them from having any say in our radiation exposure levels. They are beholden to business, military and telecommunications interests, and by their own admittance, their suggested radiation levels only protect against acute, short term exposures that result in thermal effects, and do nothing to protect any of us against long term non-thermal effects, which have been so extensively documented in the non-industry scientific literature.

In reality, each of us isn't just exposed to a single source of radiation for a finite and short period, at a particular frequency, and comprised of a particular pulse, modulation, and intensity. Rather, we are immersed in radiation from a multitude of sources, consisting of differing frequencies, pulses and modulations. These will interact in ways that nobody really understands - both with other sources of radiation, and also other environmental toxins such as air pollution.

Whilst the radiation from wireless technologies - mobile phones, DECT cordless phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, Bluetooth devices, wearables, implantables, mobile phone masts, tv and radio transmitters, radar installations etc. - is currently classified as a Group 2B Possible Carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), many scientists are now calling for this classification to be tightened to Group 2A Probable Carcinogen, or even to Group 1 Human Carcinogen.

These include the 236 experts on the biological effects of this radiation who have now signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, which has been sent to the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, and to all UN member states, such as the UK. These experts note that:

"Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life."

In addition, Dr Lennart Hardell, whose studies on the link between mobile phone radiation and cancer informed IARC's 2011 Group 2B classification of radiofrequency (RF) radiation, has gone much further, suggesting that the radiation from mobile phones etc. is a known human carcinogen. For example, in a recent paper - Evaluation of Mobile Phone and Cordless Phone Use and Glioma Risk Using the Bradford Hill Viewpoints from 1965 on Association or Causation - he and Michael Carlberg say:

"The nine Bradford Hill viewpoints on association or causation regarding RF radiation and glioma risk seem to be fulfilled in this review. Based on that we conclude that glioma is caused by RF radiation. Revision of current guidelines for exposure to RF radiation is needed".

The UK, which follows ICNIRP's guidelines, has among the highest allowable non-ionising electromagnetic radiation exposure levels in the world. A number of other countries have chosen to implement precautionary exposure levels at far below the ICNIRP guidelines. Ironically, these include countries that are perceived to be lacking the democratic credentials of the West, such as China and Russia.

Precautionary and biologically-based radiation exposure levels have been proposed by the BioInitiative Group, but sadly there seems little prospect of these being adopted by the UK Government, which seems to be determined to facilitate the rollout of wireless technologies such as 5G in the face of the non-conflicted scientific evidence, and arguably also the evidence before our eyes (have you noticed how sick most people look, and actually are, these days...?).

So-called "electrosensitive" people, such as myself, are among the first to warn the authorities that we are embarked on a catastrophic course, based on our first-hand experience of being harmed by the ubiquitous electrosmog. Adding insult to injury, we then have to endure the platitudes of paid-for psychologists, who through their flawed provocation tests, seek to portray our incapacitating symptoms as being all of the mind - a sort of irrational fear of modern technologies which they term the "nocebo effect" - oblivious to the fact that prior to the onset of our severe reaction to harmful radiation, many of us were enthusiastic early adopters of the technologies that we are now supposed to fear, and some of us actually worked in the technology sector.

I wrote earlier about conflicts of interest being rife in the organisations which are supposed to protect us.

The Head of Physical Dosimetry Department at Public Health England is a chartered engineer. He is also an Investigator into the "health impact of low dose non-ionising and ionising radiation" at the National Institute for Health Research Health Protection Research Unit (NIHR HPRU).

His responsibility here is working within one of the research areas: Theme 3: Health impact of low dose non-ionising and ionising radiation, part of which includes Project 2 - Electromagnetic fields. The work of this project is described thus: "The SCAMP cohort study is investigating whether children’s use of mobile phones and/or other wireless technologies that use radio waves (e.g. tablets, laptops) might affect their neurocognitive or behavioural development (e.g. attention and memory)".

He also dutifully turns up at Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) meetings from time to time, to give reassurances that non-ionising EMR is still safe, and that no recent science has shown otherwise.

(This despite the fact that recent and highly reputable science HAS shown otherwise - such as the $25m US National Toxicology Program study on cell phone radiation and cancer, which, in its partial results, showed that exposure to 2G cellular radiation led to cancer and DNA damage in some of the test animals. The draft final results of this study are expected on February 2nd 2018).

He is also a member of the "Scientific Expert Group" at ICNIRP, the private, self-elected, industry and military-friendly "non-thermal effects don't exist" organisation, whose non-protective radiation exposure guidelines we follow in the UK.

It would be a remarkable thing indeed if he were to say one thing (i.e. non-thermal effects of non-ionising radiation don't exist) whilst wearing an ICNIRP hat, and then say something different when wearing any one of his other hats - PHE, COMARE, or NIHR HPRU. As Sarah Starkey noted in a recent critique of the now defunct Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR) - of which he was, naturally enough, Secretary:

"PHE and AGNIR had a responsibility to provide accurate information about the safety of RF fields (in the 2012 'Report of the Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation. Health Effects from Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields'). Unfortunately, the report suffered from an incorrect and misleading executive summary and overall conclusions, inaccurate statements, omissions and conflict of interest. Public health and the well-being of other species in the natural world cannot be protected when evidence of harm, no matter how inconvenient, is covered up".

We are living through an extraordinary period in the history of this country.

The Government is failing to protect its citizens through the implementation of the Precautionary Principle. Instead, it is facilitating the unchecked proliferation of wireless technologies which have never been shown to be safe, but which HAVE been shown to be otherwise, and is relying on the advice of conflicted individuals and organisations when setting the radiation exposure levels - in defiance of all of the warnings from concerned scientists and health professionals.

Also, the Government and its agencies are failing to warn UK citizens of the risk of non-thermal, long term exposure to this radiation. Every one of us has a fundamental right to know, which is not being honoured.

As with Big Tobacco before it, only on a much greater scale, the tech and telecoms industry is making as much hay as it can while the sun shines, and this is allowed by a Government which is asleep on the job, and by "health and protection" organisations which are more concerned with protecting business and military interests than they are with protecting people.

For example, buried away in mobile phone manuals, and deep in the phone itself, are warnings that a separation distance must be maintained between the device and the user, in order to protect against thermal effects, which is all that our utterly ineffective radiation exposure levels protect against.

Where are the warnings from Public Health England not to hold a phone to the head or keep it in a pocket or bra? In the US, Berkeley City has been fighting a legal action bought by the CTIA, the telecoms trade body, against a Right to Know ordinance, which advises consumers at point of sale of the somewhat precautionary information that's already available from the authorities - for those who know where to find it. Having lost every stage of this legal action so far, the CTIA has now pursued it right up to the Supreme Court.

If the CTIA loses again, then it seems likely that other US states will follow Berkeley's lead. Will the UK? Will purchasers of Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, wireless wearables, and other microwave emitting devices be advised at point of sale that these devices emit a Group 2B carcinogen and so may promote cancer, and that if people continue to use them pressed against the head, or keep them in a pocket or bra, that even the protection against acute, thermal effects offered by the current radiation exposure levels will be negated?

Will people who have smart meters installed in their homes and workplaces be warned? Will people who have a 5G small cell installed outside their home be told of the known risks? Or how about the parents of children in schools equipped with Wi-Fi?

Will people be given a choice about whether or not they agree to be irradiated by microwave radiation originating from outside their homes? And if not, why not?

I understand that my words will have no impact on this consultation, but that doesn't matter. I will have added my warnings to the Government about its irresponsible and immoral course of action, as so many others will have done before me, and as so many will do after me.

The truth is the truth, and in the long run, none of the conflicted attempts by vested interests to sow confusion and bury the science will work. This radiation is inherently harmful, and it would benefit us all to recognise this as soon as possible, and to start work on undoing the harm, and develop safer alternatives.

I hope that I will see the day when those who are responsible for this unfolding disaster are held to account for the crimes against humanity, and all other life forms, that they have wilfully committed.

Call for evidence document

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Liver flushes, and my EHS journey

By Elizabeth Wells, D.NN, MA, PhD

A couple of days ago I had my hair professionally coloured in a hair salon for the first time in over ten years. This doesn’t sound like a significant milestone unless you are au fait with the conditions of Electrosensitivity (ES or EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which often go hand-in-hand.

For the previous ten years I had to have my hair cut at home so as not to come into proximity with people in the same room whose hair was being dyed, bleached and sprayed with various chemicals. The last time that happened I remember vividly having to run out of the salon with my gown still on, nauseated and panicking, just to breathe some fresh air.

Incredibly these days it’s not something I spend much time worrying about, since I am so much less sensitive thanks to all the health interventions I’ve been practising over the last couple of years. I’m not daft, I don’t willingly expose myself to chemicals and toxins if I can help it; I’m still recovering from severe adrenal fatigue, Candida infection and low immune function, but I am fully confident that the upward trend of recovery is going to continue.

A little bit about my journey. I was never a well child; I was always ill with chronic coughs and bronchitis and viruses, not to mention the severe run-in with whooping cough at the age of four, during which time I could keep so little down my arms and legs turned stick-thin.

As I grew up I developed mysterious digestive problems which I later found out were Candida-related (I don’t really believe in the diagnosis of ‘Candida’ anymore as a sui generis disease; many people with other co-infections have symptoms of Candida, which is no coincidence, but that’s another story for another time).

So I went on a severe diet, cutting out all sugar, and later dairy and gluten, which at that time in the early 90s was a bit of a nightmare since no food companies catered for this aberration.

I also had horrendous periods, hormonal problems, mood swings and pain. I was also cold all the time.

I saw a Chinese herbalist, who I remained with for 15 years, and luckily he helped carry me through some difficult years. I managed my set of perplexing symptoms throughout my twenties, but at the same time I was doing untold added damage to myself, over-exercising during the day and by night going out to parties and clubs, taking drugs and smoking. It was fun at the time, but by my late twenties I was beginning to feel burnt-out, often not sleeping for entire nights before having to get up for work.

Right about the time I met my partner, in 2005, I also developed debilitating fatigue. I’d walk down the hill to work and then found I couldn’t physically walk back up it later. I had horrendous lactic acid build-up in my joints so that any physical exercise left me with pain; mental stress also caused my legs to ache for hours as if I had flu.

Then I noticed that I would feel worse working on any kind of computer — my eyes would go red and feel sore, my nose would stream as if in the early stages of a cold. My legs would ache for hours afterwards in a kind of stress response.

A similar thing happened when I used a mobile phone: the side of my face next to the phone would get hot, itchy, and develop an angry-looking red colour. I would feel as if I had been ‘fried’. For most EHS sufferers this is a common picture, but of course at the beginning you have no idea what’s going on, and people just think you’re crazy.

I was lucky enough to have a sympathetic GP who signed me off work for six months with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and he also referred me to the ME/CFS clinic in Oxford. I remember taking all the research I’d done into EHS, since by this stage I’d read the work of Martin Pall on oxidative stress and the effects of EMFs on cellular calcium.

As a researcher myself (OK Humanities not Sciences, but still…) I expected to have a lively and engaging discussion with the CFS consultant about all these connections, but he flatly refused to look at any of it or engage with me on that level at all. He said ‘we don’t look at things that way’, and I remember looking at this so-called expert, and thinking ‘What way? You mean with an open and enquiring mind?’ and I was astounded.

I remember then and there making a decision that I was never going to go down the allopathic route again; there was too much investment in keeping these research silos separate and pursuing a narrow agenda based on mitigating symptoms using outdated protocols.

These days ME/CFS research has moved on a bit, but in my opinion they’re still looking through the wrong end of the telescope (i.e. at genetics rather than the far-more significant epigenetics and environmental signals, which start in the womb).

To fast-forward a bit, I re-trained as a nutritionist and made some good progress by myself.

I had some significant tests done privately: I had some blood tests done by Acumen to show how my blood cells were reacting to EMFs, and found that the original trigger for the EHS symptoms was indeed heavy metals and toxins such as petrol by-products. When exposed to EMFs the cellular channels became leaky and allowed the concentration of intra-cellular toxins to increase.

So I embarked on an intensive metals-clearing programme, which cost a bomb but was very enlightening. For about six months I felt absolutely incredible. I went back to work and everything was great, but then over time, all the symptoms came back one by one, and I felt pretty defeated.

I had a hair mineral test done which showed significant adrenal and thyroid stress and deficiencies in various minerals which were important for chelating metals such as mercury. I took minerals for months, plus select vitamins; I did coffee enemas and ate very clean, and made some progress again, enough to continue working part-time, although both the CFS and the EHS/MCS symptoms persisted. I still had to use an Ethernet-enabled set-up at work and wear a silver protective head net and use grounding equipment. We had the same set-up at home.

Meanwhile I became convinced I had to eradicate the Candida and the only way to do that was to pursue a no-carb diet, which was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and a complete waste of time and energy! My Candida symptoms lessened a little, but not significantly, and I was hungry ALL the time, miserable, moody and cold. My periods also stopped for six months and I became convinced I had entered early menopause (I was 35). I did that stupid diet for five years, and then abandoned it in frustration.

In 2010 I was made redundant at work, and we moved from London to Manchester. My partner and I were in our late 30s and decided we had to see if we could have a baby. I got pregnant straight away, after embracing Matt Stone’s Eat for Heat protocol (see

The pregnancy was not as bad as it can be for some women, but it wasn’t smooth sailing and I’d begun to realise that whilst I could carry a baby, I wasn’t really healthy enough to support it.

After many complications and surgery requiring a lengthy stay in hospital, as well as endless rounds of IV antibiotics, my health collapsed again and the symptoms of major adrenal fatigue reared its head.

I couldn’t sleep, I became extremely anxious and tearful and felt permanently wired and exhausted. On top of that we moved to the Netherlands, my partner’s health began to decline, and I had a new baby to take care of. It wasn’t a good time for any of us.

By 2016 we were back in London. By this time a kind and knowledgeable private doctor had put me on hydrocortisone medication to stabilise my failing adrenals, which had now given up producing cortisol on their own.

I was surviving but had little quality of life and I was always angry, snapping at my son and desperately worried about our future (my partner at this stage had also developed adrenal fatigue and had been signed off work; my son was showing the early signs of Candida overgrowth and behavioural stress).

I wasn’t working much — I worked seasonally as an A-level examiner and that work was hard on my ES, since it was all marking on-screen. The rest of the time I spent desperately researching my conditions, trying to work out why I couldn’t seem to get better.

I would lie awake at night feeling sheer terror about what I’d passed on to my son, my partner’s ill-health, our terrible financial situation, and sometimes wishing I wouldn’t wake up in the morning.

I remember it was a chance remark by someone on a Candida health forum which sparked my curiosity about liver flushes. I’d heard of liver flushing before, but been put off it by my lecturer at nutrition college who had told us it was a scam (it isn’t, and I can address why it isn’t in another post).

The original post on the forum thread said something along the lines of ‘Candida only lives in a toxic body; it’s there as the safest way to protect you from the poisonous by-products of your own poor digestion. Clean up the shit pile and the flies will leave.’

Her advice was that you could never ‘get rid’ of Candida (or heavy metals or parasites) unless you flushed out the ‘stones’ of hardened bile in the liver that gave sanctuary to these pathogens and metals. These toxins are literally trapped in the liver, wrapped up in little bile parcels and plugging the ducts.

Why do we make these stones in the first place? Because our toxic environment starts off in the womb — toxins from the environment, from poor digestion (‘leaky gut’ and fermentation/putrefaction is a common denominator in most people with ES/MCS/Candida), from pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, vaccines and the Pill.

Add to that stress, poor diet, the wrong fats, dehydration, mineral deficiencies, refined sugar and not enough prebiotic fibre, then bile becomes thick and sticky. Once stones begin to block the liver ducts then it becomes even harder for the liver and gallbladder to release enough fresh bile to digest your food, leading to more putrefaction and dysbiosis at gut level. And so the cycle continues.

The liver becomes less able to detoxify the blood of heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins and so they begin to be stored in the fat and in cell membranes. It cannot deconjugate hormones properly either, leading people to experience blood sugar swings, insulin resistance and oestrogen dominance. It cannot convert sufficient T4 to T3 (thyroid hormone) to release into the blood.

Bile acids also keep the intestines at the right pH to prevent the wrong kind of gut bacteria causing overgrowth (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIBO) as well as providing a nourishing environment to sustain the production of ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. And over time the lack of proper digestive secretions causes such massive quantities of toxic by-products (endotoxins) that these further slow the metabolism, causing someone to retain metals rather than eliminate them.

It was one of those classic light-bulb moments; I didn’t need much further encouragement. I immediately purchased a copy of the seminal liver flushing text, Andreas Moritz’s The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush and joined the active Facebook group (whose admins have between them amassed a total of approx. 300 flushes); it is called Liver and Gallbladder Flush for Optimal Health and has over 16,000 members).

I painstakingly followed the protocol, which includes drinking apple juice or taking apple cider vinegar/malic acid for six days to soften the bile stones and then on the seventh day, partially fasting so as to conserve as much bile as possible for the actual flush.

On the evening of that day you consume two doses of Epsom salt (to dilate the liver ducts) and then before bedtime, you blend approx. 120-150ml olive oil (can be any polyunsaturated oil really - I use light olive oil because it’s more tasteless) with the juice of a couple of red/pink grapefruits. The oil causes a massive contraction of bile, and the juice speeds the oil on its way, hopefully taking the stones from your cystic and hepatic ducts with it. Then you lie down on your back or right side with a hot water bottle on your liver area and try to sleep. In the morning the Epsom salt moves your bowels and you will hopefully see anything from a few to a hundred ‘stones’ in the lavatory.

Moritz advises that you repeat the cleanse once a month until you release no more stones, but many members of the forum have found that more frequent cleansing than that is helpful, and it can take many flushes before symptoms abate or cease altogether.

Even though I’ve done 38 flushes, I feel that I am still at the beginning of my flushing journey. Because my liver has been so congested for so many years, many of my flushes have been unproductive and I’ve had to take extra measures to help the flush along.

When you embark on the process, you also have to see the long term picture and realise that your symptoms of toxicity will come and go; as the stones exit, new ones fall down and take their place and your old symptoms can return (sometimes even new symptoms can come along, but these will usually be temporary and often go away after the next flush).

So if you do start flushing it is best to mentally commit yourself to doing a significant number of flushes (say at least 10 to 20) before reassessing if you want to continue.

There are lots of my symptoms that still persist, but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will continue to heal, as the trend is positive. Here is a short list of symptoms that have either completely or partially healed since I started my liver flushing journey back in May 2016:

  • No more PMS
  • Food cravings gone
  • Major fatigue crashes gone
  • Greater physical energy and stamina
  • ES symptoms significantly improved: can now talk on a mobile phone and use Ethernet-enabled computer (I still use a blue light filter on all my devices); less joint cracking/joint stiffness/coldness after using devices
  • Significantly less body inflammation, i.e. back ache/gynae issues
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity much better
  • Improved allergies and intolerances (can now eat oats which used to give me joint pain)
  • Have been able to cut down hydrocortisone medication by about 40% which is majorly significant for me. I no longer need it to sleep at night and I have been able to halve my afternoon dose. This shows my adrenal dysfunction is healing and cortisol is normalising.

Most of all I now have hope that my body will heal and recover. This is the most important thing. I had spent years going round and round in circles and had really given up thinking anything would help me. Now I can go about my day sometimes feeling almost normal, and not being afraid of my future; this is an amazing and liberating feeling.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

BBC: Mobile Phones, health, and electrosensitivity

On 18th December 2017, BBC Radio 2 broadcast an edition of the Jeremy Vine show, containing a discussion of the health risks associated with mobile phones.

Radio 2 is a national radio station, which is listened to by many people across the UK (and elsewhere too).

The BBC's recent coverage of the health effects of wireless technologies, and electrosensitivity, has been fairly woeful, apart from some coverage of electrosensitivity on a number of local radio stations.

Back in 2007, it broadcast the seminal "Panorama: Wifi, A Warning Signal", which got the programme makers into all sorts of hot water. Since then though, the Beeb has played it safe, and meaningful coverage has been patchy to non-existent.

Anyway, the Jeremy Vine show got off to a poor start, with an ill-informed preamble, and an "expert" who appeared to be unacquainted with the science - such as the trivial matter of radiofrequency radiation being classified as a possible carcinogen.

However some credit is due to the BBC, and the show's producers. The callers chosen to take part in the discussion articulated a range of important health issues linked to mobile phone exposure (along with other sources of non-ionising radiation), and I took some pleasure at the floundering and evident discomfort of the "expert" 😀.

Electrosensitivity, whether implicitly or explicitly, was a key part of the discussion.

After the show, I sent this email:
Dear Mr Vine,

Congratulations to the Beeb, and to you, for daring to cover the crucial, and very topical, issue of mobile phones and health.

I was hugely impressed by the callers to the show, who covered a number of important issues linked to the pulsed microwave radiation that mobile phones emit; this is especially significant, now that virtually all children own a phone.

However, regarding the show's expert, Dr Mike Smith, it's worrying that despite the research that he said that he has carried out into the issue of mobile phone radiation, and his assurance that there is no established evidence and known mechanism of harm:

1) Radiofrequency/microwave radiation, such as that emitted by mobile phones, cordless phones, wi-fi, smart meters, wearables, smart devices, mobile masts etc. was officially classified by the World Health Organisation/International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Group 2B Possible Carcinogen in 2011, based on an increased risk of brain tumours

2) The $25m National Toxicology Program study on mobile phones and cancer in the US recently reported that exposure to the radiation can promote cancer and DNA damage

3) 236 of the world's experts on the biological effects of exposure to the radiation from phones etc. have warned the UN, the World Health Organisation, and all UN member states of "global public health concerns related to exposure to cell phones, power lines, electrical appliances, wireless devices, wireless utility meters and wireless infrastructure in residential homes, schools, communities and businesses"

4) France has recently announced that it will ban mobile phones from schools, from September 2018

5) The California Department of Public Health has recently issued an advisory about phones and health risks, widely reported in the media

It is also concerning that despite Dr Smith being a founder member of the National Association of Family Planning Doctors, he seemed to be unaware of the mounting scientific evidence showing the harm to fertility being done by mobile phone radiation - especially relating to phones stored in the pocket - as well as the recently released study which showed a near 50% increase in the risks of miscarriage for pregnant women who are exposed to high levels of higher frequency magnetic fields, of the sort that are emitted by "wireless networks, smart meter networks, cell towers, wireless devices such as cell phones etc."

Dr Mike Smith did your listeners no favours in terms of providing a precautionary, realistic and informed appraisal of the current scientific evidence, so thank goodness that your callers more than plugged the gap.

Best wishes,

Dave Ashton

This mail was sent through my wired Internet access, which is safer, faster, and less harmful to health and to the environment.

More information at:

Facebook Groups: UK Electrosensitives, SMART EMF Resistance UK, EMF and EHS Law, Are Wearables/Implantables Safe?, Families with EHS Children, International EHS Association

Being Electrosensitive blog:

So far, I've had no response from Mr Vine, but I hope that at least somebody who was involved in the production of the show has read it.

Anyway, for your listening pleasure, please find a link to the whole show below. This will be available on iPlayer until January 2018, and the relevant part starts at about 1 hour 8 minutes in.

Also, I've saved the relevant section of the show to the "cloud", as an mp3 file, and you can download this by using the 2nd link below.

Jeremy Vine Show 18th December 2017 - iPlayer  (available until 17th January 2018)

Mobile phones and health - Extract of the Jeremy Vine show, 18th December 2017 (MP3 file)

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Rachel Hinks: Please help me

(Image from: Mirror,

[Editor's note: [My comment: We met Rachel in Chichester a couple of weeks ago, to see for ourselves how bad her situation is, and whether we could do anything to help.

As you can see from her fundraising page, she has suffered from a number of serious and incapacitating health conditions for many years, and now, on top of all of those, she also suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Her small rented home is completely unsuitable for somebody with EHS, as you can see from the video, and - as a result - she can't sleep there, but instead needs to sleep wherever she can; tents, yurts, and now in a friend's summer house at the end of the garden.

Despite the daily challenges of living with all of her long-term health issues, Rachel is focusing on what she can do to improve her own situation, and she talked about how she would then like to be able to help others, once she is past this personal crisis.

She has done volunteering work in the past, although her frailty now makes this next to impossible.

Her plan is to raise enough money through donations to buy a camper van, so that she can drive to a warmer and drier climate, which would present much less of a challenge to someone with her health issues.

She is not able to work, and, as with most EHS people in the UK, she is receiving no meaningful support from the authorities.

Please take a moment to watch the video on her fundraising page, which a friend of Rachel's has just produced. If you are able to make a donation to help Rachel find a way out of this situation, I know that she would be so grateful.

Her fundraising page also includes a couple of images showing how her heart rhythm is affected by exposure to Wi-Fi and mobile phone radiation. There are also links below to some of the media coverage of Rachel's case.

The text below is what Rachel has sent to me recently, plus there's a brief update from Mary Coales, who lives in the same area as Rachel, and who is also suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity]

Rachel Hinks:

Just to confirm that yes, I am now in a desperate situation

I am sleeping in tent on some friends land. I have been here 6 weeks and they have said I must leave by the 10th Sept.

I have gone through every official channel - trying to swop my home on Homeswapper for 1 year - appeal to council to rehouse me - urgent letter from GP, diagnosis of EHS from another doctor saying it's severe - still they decline to give me any priority; written to my previous MP who wrote to environmental housing, who said they can't house people with EHS.

if I can raise enough funds for a van, I wonder if I can survive a ferry crossing with protective clothing and then travel down more south, where its more dry and warm, and there are places without so much EMF as in the UK.

I have emailed every community I can find - and am at the end of my tether in keeping going

I have been living in tents and such like now for 4 months.

I don't have family support, I don't own property or possessions, nor have money - I developed lupus at age 16, so have spent 30 years sick with multiple autoimmune diseases, and have mainly have done bits of voluntary work; all volunteer schemes want people to work 5 hrs a day - but I am just not well enough to do anything like that long - and all so far have Wi-Fi.

I don't see how i can get on a plane and survive right now to get any further afield - my heart is being badly affected by this now.

I have been severely affected for 1 3/4 years now - for most of the first year, I lived in a white netted canopy, but now the levels are too high to block. I have 3 mobile phone masts around me - one is only 100 meters away, and I am in a one bed place, with thin walls, and with neighbours who have Wi-Fi, smart televisions, mobiles and so on. I have shielded with paint the one wall I can in the alleyway, but I am not permitted to paint any other walls outside.

I really don't know how I'm going to make it right now. 

Excuse me if this sounds scrambled, re. responding to a lot of what you say, and being affected on a computer.

I have done everything i can right now these past 4 months - I have spent nights in my Renault Clio car in country lanes, but it's too small for seats to fold down to sleep. It's 19 yrs old, so not worth anything to sell. I have pitched tents in bits of unknown woods.

Now the weather is turning, I don't have a way to keep doing this without help.

If I could raise enough funds for a van that would at least give me shelter, safety and more warmth for a time.

Love and thanks for whatever you can do

Rachel x

Mary Coales:

"She is currently staying in a friend’s small campervan in a field belonging to other people she knows, but she cannot even sleep in the van because of the radio/aerial which cannot be disconnected, and the friend is coming back from abroad, so Rachel will be unable to stay. And autumn is coming!"

Rachel Hinks:

I now have to leave here a week on Sunday for definite - and still have nowhere to go.

I spent the other night in the car when I couldn't stay in the yurt - have a tent again now for a week.
If I could raise more funds swiftly then at least I'd have some options with a van for a if you can spread the word to anyone you know I'd appreciate it. It also, as a by-product, helps people become aware of EHS, and that it can become serious.
It's all getting very dire now the weather is about to turn.
Thanks again for all your help
Love Rachel


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